Psychotherapy is a scientifically valid treatmentanxiety method for anxiety. As a Staten Island therapist and social worker, I have extensive experience treating the anxiety disorders of local residents.

Everyone feels anxious and stressed out at some point in their lives. However, when anxiety causes severe distress over a prolonged period of time and disrupts day to day functioning, it makes sense to speak with a therapist and learn coping strategies to deal with these feelings.

With caring and effective treatment, individuals who are plagued by anxiety are able to manage their symptoms and live normal and happy lives.

 Some common symptoms of anxiety include: 

  • Repetitive or compulsive behaviors
  • Changes in personality
  • Problems with relationships
  • Issues at work
  • Self-isolating behaviors
  • Increased fear of situations or doing things.

How can therapists help?

Typically, there are several ways you can find a quality therapist.

Licensed therapists are eminently prepared and qualified to diagnose and treat your anxiety. Typically, individuals suffering from anxiety disorders are best served by working with a therapist trained in a cognitive-behavioral therapy tradition.

In my own practice, I have helped many Staten Island residents overcome severe anxiety disorders using cognitive-behavioral therapy. This strong history of personal experience with anxiety disorders informs my practice and treatment.

In cases where a psychiatrist has prescribed an anti-anxiety medication, therapy is effectively used in conjunction with this psychiatric treatment.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy enables therapy clients to understand exactly how their thoughts contribute to their symptoms.   Adjusting negative thinking patterns  decreases the frequency, as well as the intensity, of anxiety issues.

How long does therapy take to work?

It’s critical to understand that therapy is not an overnight cure. When you begin working with a therapist, it’s useful to clarify the therapy  process and discuss how long it might take before you begin to see genuine results.

In my own practice I am careful to customize my approach to the needs of my clients.

Everyone is different, and everyone’s experience of anxiety is different, as well. This means that a customized approach that is adjusted over the course of time is the best way of ensuring a successful outcome.

Many of my own clients have experienced noticeable improvements within 4 to 6 sessions, particularly those who  actively participate and demonstrate willingness to make the effort to change.

Final thoughts

Anxiety has the potential to severely disrupt your work, family and social life. When  you seek out a therapist trained in cognitive-behavioral therapy, you stand a good chance of managing your symptoms, and living a happier life.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy will assist you to regain control over your thoughts and emotions.  Learning techniques to manage symptoms of anxiety also will be helpful in managing  potential stressors you might encounter over the course of your life.

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